Our room at the resort was quite nice, complete with a view of Lake Huron and a king sized feather bed. This was the first time in a king sized bed for me, and while it was REALLY comfortable, it's just way too much bed. Seems like there is so much bed to navigate when you are trying to get out of it that you may need a lantern and a sack lunch before you make it.

This would be the view from the window. Given how early it was in the season, there were not many other people to deal with. There couldn't have been many more people than us in the building. Our friends from "housekeeping" were really quite eager to make up our room at 8:15... and again at 8:40... Seems that they had not left out the "Do no disturb" signs yet this season, so we ended up having to make one ourselves. That's OK, it gave me quite a workout trying to navigate to and from the bed. Waking up to the sound of horses, sea gulls, and other birds was definitely worth it though.

Later that evening, as the sun was going down, we headed out to that gazebo. This is looking back at the resort, and it also shows an excellent view of the awesome clouds of tiny little bugs that like to hang out near the shore. The gazebo also looks out towards an open field where many large white lawn chairs are poised looking at Lake Huron and Round Island (which, incidentally, is not really round).

Here's the lawn with the chairs, sun setting behind them. Beyond that, out of view, is their "executive" putting green. I'm not exactly sure what makes it "executive". My only guess is that you could beat the hell out of some executives. I'd surely pay $20 to do that.

If you keep going along on the state road past Mission Point, you enter the State Park. This was the path we took last time for our bike ride. This time, we decided to do something different. Instead of taking the common path around the outside of the island, we chose to take the roads on the inside of the island.